About the Owner

Hi, I'm Sabriya!

I became a counselor because I believe in the power of walking through life with others. This is true in both easy and challenging moments. At times, there are moments that stop us in our tracks and may make us forget who we are or how to get through.

Have you ever been there? It’s when we feel stuck, unsure, or in a state of complete despair. In these moments, giving ourselves grace helps us in the space of not knowing what to do matters. This is my why! I want to help you find the grace in these spaces that matter most to you while helping you to navigate the movement by moment

until you can get back to the day-by-day.

I’d love to walk with you, feel free to reach out.

Therapeutic Style

My therapeutic approach begins with authenticity, acceptance, and empathy in a non-judgmental collaborative space. These therapeutic principles fit well with my own personal values and qualities of compassion, integrity, courage, gentleness, curiosity, and reflection. You can expect to interact with those pieces of me throughout our interactions, along with maybe my humor, love of order, use of analogies, creativity, spirituality, and preparedness to sit with emotions. In this way, I can provide you with individualized care to meet your unique needs while recognizing that you function as part of a larger world.

I utilize integrated techniques in my therapeutic practice including Motivational Interviewing (MI) to assess motivation to change and address any ambivalence towards change, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) to help address the negative, faulty, or irrational thoughts and self-talk messages, Impact Therapy to help empathize what you are growing through and provides metaphors for you to remember, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to and Gestalt therapy to increase awareness, freedom, and self-direction.

Personal and Professional Mission Statement

Personally, my mission is to encourage authenticity, inspire creativity, and foster connectivity and growth through mutual respect and love. Because of my values and my passion for this work, I continue to learn and grow personally and professionally. Through the completion of my first classes in a doctoral program, I have developed my professional mission. I welcome the opportunity to learn from others to continue to grow as a leader. I believe leadership is a collaborative space for counselor leaders to work with other counselors and advocate for the equitable and basic needs of our clients. I use creativity to challenge people to retain information and build skills. I value integrity in building and sustaining professional relationships. I believe wisdom is important in developing a professional identity.

Introduction Video

This video serves as an introduction to my counseling style, illustrating the warm and compassionate atmosphere, with a dose of humor that I create in my sessions.

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