Do you offer services in person?

At the moment, I only offer virtual counseling sessions through a HIPPA-compliant platform.

I have never been to therapy before, will I have to commit to this for life?

My goal is to help you get to the space of feeling empowered, worthy, and loving yourself authentically. At that point, we will decide what is best for you now and reevaluate your needs as we move through this process.

How much is the session fee?

Session fees vary according to the experience of the clinician. Contact me and we can discuss the details.

Do you bill insurance?

We do not bill insurance. However, we can provide a superbill monthly if you would like to submit it to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

Why do you not bill insurance?

Lack of Privacy and Confidentiality - Insurance companies have the right to request client notes to determine the appropriateness of therapy. In doing so, I would be electronically sharing what we discuss in sessions. These requests could also limit the number of sessions allowed per calendar year thus limiting your ability to participate in therapy. Additionally, insurance companies require services to be "medically necessary" for coverage. In order to provide therapy, they would want to see proof that there is a diagnosis to justify therapeutic services before providing limited authorizations.

Low Rates - The average cost of therapy can range from $100 to $200, resulting in a copay for clients of $20 to $50 per session. Therapists are generally reimbursed anywhere from $8 to $60 per session. Insurance companies annually negotiate low rates with providers while increasing deductibles and premiums for their customers. Unfortunately, these rates paid out to mental health providers do not increase annually to account for the cost of living. To be "in-network", I would be forgoing 40% of my salary to be active with insurance companies.

Retroactive Claim Denials - Claw Backs - Insurance companies will audit claims for services (sometimes years later). If they find any discrepancies or inconsistencies, they will request that the therapist repay fees that were previously paid out. Clawbacks can amount to thousands of dollars and can be financially devastating for providers.

Quality Care - Without having to focus on billing insurance and the potential impact of what that could cause, I can focus on providing our therapeutic relationship while maintaining complete confidentiality.

Do you offer a sliding scale?

Yes, if my fee schedule creates an undo hardship for clients, I am ethically obligated to adjust fees when necessary. I am happy to work with you to keep therapy affordable.

Will I have to complete any paperwork?

Yes, intake forms and acknowledgment agreements will be sent to you electronically. These include Privacy Practices, Consent for Services, and Professional Disclosure Statement.

Do you see individuals in other states?

I am licensed in both North Carolina and South Carolina. However, if you are seeking therapy in another state, I have amazing colleagues who are accepting new clients in other states. Reach out to me for a referral.